Apple to invest $2 billion in Nebraska digital library project

Apple to invest $2 billion in Nebraska digital library project

Apple is investing $2.8 billion in the creation of an online resource for the mid-continental and Nebraska states, the company said Tuesday.

Apple will build a new platform to make it easier for businesses and students to access digitized data, said Lisa Jackson, senior vice president of Apple Worldwide Developers.

That includes creating a central location to connect to local communities, she said.

The move comes just months after the state of Nebraska, with a population of 4.4 million people, became the first to pass a law to require all public libraries to have digital access.

Apple’s new library platform, called the Nebraska Digital Library, will include a portal for students and faculty to access content from the Nebraska Department of Public Libraries, which oversees more than 3 million public libraries nationwide.

The new platform will also offer access to digital content from Apple’s own library and third-party websites.

In the new platform, students and researchers can search through millions of books, articles, photos, and videos, and connect directly with libraries and collections.

The state is currently offering a number of online resources, including its own Digital Collections website, which lets users search and download digital collections for the state’s public libraries.

Apple has long had an interest in digital libraries.

In 2007, Apple announced it was opening a library in Omaha, Neb., to expand its library offerings.

The Nebraska Digital Collection will be the first such digital collection in the nation, said Jackson.

Apple also is investing in research and development of a new tool for students to search for books and videos they need.

This tool, called Apple Search, will allow students to locate, find, and search the most recent search results for titles on their personal library library, she added.

Jackson said the company will work with local libraries and research organizations to identify and develop digital resources that can be used by educators and students.

The digital library platform will be available to schools, colleges, and universities across the country, she continued.

The Nebraska Digital Libraries will be a resource for educators and research, she noted.

The Lincoln area has about 4.7 million residents and is home to the University of Nebraska.

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