How the FBI Is Trying to Use Your Library Account to Capture Your Children’s Photos and Videos

How the FBI Is Trying to Use Your Library Account to Capture Your Children’s Photos and Videos

The FBI has launched an investigation into a Chicago public library that it claims is attempting to “collect, store, and store [your] private photos and videos of children, including photos of children that are not protected by law.”

According to a release from the FBI, the investigation, which began in August, will examine the “history, technology, and practices” of the library and the use of “sophisticated data mining technologies” to identify “private user information, metadata, and other data related to the collection, storage, and use of child pornography.”

The FBI’s goal is to determine whether the library’s practices constitute “a violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act,” and if so, to determine “what, if any, consequences, if anything, may be levied against the Library.”

The FBI says it will not be disclosing the name of the public library where it is investigating, and it will only make public information “if it is needed to protect the integrity of the investigation and the rights of individuals.”

The investigation, the release says, will take “considerable time and resources” and the FBI is “notifying the public” of its investigation.

In a statement, the Library of Congress says it “will not tolerate inappropriate use of our data or technology, including any misuse or abuse of data, to conduct criminal investigations or to gather information on members of our community.”

“The Library is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and staff and to making the highest quality of service available to our customers and visitors,” the statement reads.

“The Library will continue to aggressively defend the right to privacy and will not compromise our commitment to providing free access to our library and public resources to all.”

The Library of America said the investigation is “related to a separate criminal investigation,” and added that “this is an internal matter for the Library and not an FBI criminal investigation.”