How to access the digital library in Pierce County

How to access the digital library in Pierce County


— It is a quiet Saturday morning at Pierce County Library in western Oregon, a city of nearly 30,000 residents that also happens to be home to the nation’s largest and most populous state library system.

There are about 50 people in the building, which serves as a central hub for all county government offices and public libraries in the state.

Pierce County Library is home to about 100 people, most of them employed by the county government.

But there are about a dozen employees at the library who are part of the Washington Digital Library.

They work on a project called “Pierce the Ripper.”

The library was established in 1999 as a joint venture between the Pierce County School District and the UTA Library System in Portland, Oregon, which includes Pierce County.

It was developed to enable the county to digitize more than 20 million pages of its own materials, according to spokeswoman Ashley Stokes.

The project is now in its seventh year and is overseen by staff from the Pierce Library System and the Department of Transportation.

Pete Stokes, the county library superintendent, and his team are busy working to complete a project that will make public libraries more accessible to people in all walks of life.

This project involves the creation of a digital library that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and is currently the first digital library to be digitized in the United States.

Stokes said the library is a collaborative effort between the county, UTA and UTA.

The goal is to make Pierce County the digital hub for local government in Oregon, but the county also hopes to have the library available for use by people outside the county.

The Pierce County library system is home not only to a county government office, but also to the city of Pierce and the Portland-based UTA, which provides services to the county and its surrounding suburbs.

The library has more than 1,000 books and more than 40,000 images, including about a million photographs and thousands of maps.

Petersen says the project has helped connect the county libraries with more people, including those who might not otherwise have access to information.

“They are able to access a library that has a greater number of books, maps, audio, video, that have been digitized,” Stokes said.

Pettistsays that the library can be used by both students and adults, but he says there are limits on how much students can access.

He added that students have a limited amount of space to work with in the library.

The library is also the first one in the country to make the digital version of a collection of county library documents available online, he said.

Stoke said the digital collection is intended to help people find the books they need, whether they need them in person, online or as a digital download.

He said the collections include nearly 40,00 maps, 1,300 audio books and 2,300 video books.

Pets and dogs are welcome at the Pierce library.

It is also open to the public.

The county has a pet policy that states no pets are allowed in the county’s library and staff can remove them if they feel the animal is threatening the health or safety of other patrons.

Stokes says the library staff have to follow the policy and keep pets away from patrons, though it does not specify what rules apply.

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