‘I’m a dinosaur’: How a 3-year-old helped change the way we read

‘I’m a dinosaur’: How a 3-year-old helped change the way we read

By Kristina Harkavy, National Geographic staff writerThe word dinosaur is not often associated with children and young adults, but that’s starting to change.

In April, a 3 year old in Montgomery County, Ohio, became the first 3- and 4-year old to successfully use Google Glass to study dinosaur bones.

Kristina Harcham, the 3-month-old who was studying dinosaur fossils, told National Geographic that she was excited by the opportunity to learn more about dinosaurs.

Harcham said her father, Mark Harchamp, who is a paleontologist, said that the idea of her using Glass to explore the dinosaur world inspired her.

Harchy said she knew she was going to be interested in the world of dinosaurs because her grandfather, Richard Harchamps, was a paleoanthropologist and an amateur paleontology photographer.

Her parents said she would always want to learn, but she also had to learn from her older brother, Matthew Harchamping.

She said Matthew, who also goes by “Matthew,” would show her how to do things with his iPad, such as taking a photo and sharing it with his friends.

Harcam said that while it wasn’t until her third birthday that she learned how to use Google Maps to find a location and what time it was.

She was so excited when she found her first location in Ohio, she said.

Harrach, the library and museum manager, said his office has seen an increase in children using Google Glass and other digital technologies in the past few years, which makes sense given the growing interest in the science behind dinosaurs.

Harrach said it’s very important that young children and adults understand that the world is different now and that learning the world in 3D is one way to learn about the world.

The 3-yr-old was the youngest participant in a Google Glass experiment, Harchams said.

He is currently studying the fossils of the extinct Tyrannosaurus rex and the famous Chasmosaurus, and he plans to learn a lot about dinosaurs and their history.

Harge is hoping to work on her science project through the National Geographic Discovery Program, a partnership that allows young people and adults to participate in scientific research.

It was a collaborative effort between National Geographic, the National Science Foundation and the Ohio State University to find out about the fossils that belonged to a famous extinct dinosaur, according to the Discovery Program website.

Harge said she hopes to use her experience to build a better understanding of the world and help other 3-yrs-old children learn about dinosaurs through her science experiments.

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