Library in Broward County closed over budget

Library in Broward County closed over budget

Broward county libraries across the state have closed because of budget shortfalls and a lack of staff, according to the library board.

Broward County Library Board Chairwoman Diane O’Brien told a Broward Community College board meeting on Monday that the library has shuttered at least five branches in Browards Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood because of a lack in staffing, a staff shortage, and a budget shortfall.

“It’s really tough,” she said.

“It’s been tough for our community.”

Broward Community Colleges’ Board of Trustees is set to discuss the issue at its meeting Wednesday, according the school’s website.

Budget shortfalls have left many Broward Public Library branches across the county without enough staff to serve the community.

Broward Libraries Superintendent Paul De La Vega told the Broward Daily News that the current staffing levels at the public library are too low to handle the demand for books.

“We have had to do some work on our computer systems and our IT system,” De La Viande said.

The Broward Library Board also announced it is closing six branches, including one in Fort Lauderdale.

A library in Browellville closed on Tuesday.

The libraries board said it was not clear how many of the libraries were closed because they have a backlog of more than 1,200 books.

A Broward library in Lake Mary closed on Monday.

Browards Broward College’s Library Services Director Brian O’Neill told the school board on Monday the department is “not able to keep up with the demand” for the library’s programs and services.

O’Neill said that the school was expecting the first book on the backlog of 1,500 books to be in its hands by Tuesday.