The world’s most important public library is a big enough joke that it can still be taken seriously

The world’s most important public library is a big enough joke that it can still be taken seriously


— There’s a whole lot of stuff that you’d never think to ask the people in charge of the Oakland Public Library.

It’s called The Book of the Month Club.

“We’re not the best library in the world, but we’re the best public library,” said Michael Bess, president of the nonprofit organization, which was founded in 2013.

“I think it’s because we’re so close to a million people and so close geographically to a lot of people.

We have so much more to offer.”

Bess has spent a lot more time in public libraries in the last few years, including a year at The Bookhouse in downtown Berkeley, where he was exposed to more than 50 different kinds of books.

Bress is not the only one who knows how to take a library in Berkeley seriously.

The Berkeley Public Library Board of Trustees voted unanimously in November to allow The Bookclub to operate in the city’s public libraries, even though the board is still reviewing the proposal.

But Bess said that despite the vote, The Book Club still isn’t a public library.

It started with a question: How many books are there in The Book?”

There are a lot ways that it might not be a good idea to go there.”

It started with a question: How many books are there in The Book?

Bess said he first noticed a problem when the board was asked how many books it has.

They were all wrong, he said, adding that The Book Clubs own memberships are free.

In the years since then, Bess has collected more than 1,300 books from The Book.

One of his favorites is “The Three Kings,” by Margaret Atwood.

The book has a large, leather-bound bookbinding and an illustrated, two-page story by Atwood about a love story between two children in the U.S. and Britain.

Atwood has said that The Three Kings was her favorite book growing up.

Another favorite is “Black-Eyed Susie,” by Mary McCarthy.

It tells the story of a girl and her father, who are separated after being separated from their mother, and how they reconnect with each other when they are reunited.

After the board approved the book club, the staff decided to add a third member to The Book, and the first book club was formed.

Members of The Book have also been invited to meet other members at other libraries.

There is a book club in my local public library called The Library Club, which is the largest group in the country and the only non-profit group in San Francisco.

We have about 500 members, Bress said.

We get around 1,500 books each year.

That’s a pretty good number.

It means that we have a very large collection.

The average book club member is in their 60s.

What they have in common is that they love reading, and they enjoy being able to read books.

They also like to talk about books and to have conversations with other people about books.

That has helped the books group grow.

My favorite is the book by Mary and Anthony Beecher called “The Adventures of Jules Verne.”

The story is about Jules becoming a doctor, and he travels around the world to see and treat people.

I’ve been to places where there are no books, and I’ve been there when I’ve heard about a book.

And I’ve gotten to talk to people about how they’ve read the book.

That book is a great source of pride, Bons said.

You might ask how long it takes for a book to get published.

The answer is that it takes years.

And the more you read, the more it becomes apparent that it’s actually a very long process.

The books club has grown into a larger organization, Bries said.

In the past few years the organization has become a social group for people to come together to talk books, to have a great time, and to share books.

The members meet for coffee at noon on Mondays, and usually there’s a book there.

All members can choose to be a book editor, so Bries can help make sure that every book is printed in a professional manner, including on glossy paper.

So far, the club has published about 40 books, Boes said.

Some of the books are the result of the group’s members’ personal tastes.

As a non-profits, The Library Clubs budget can be modest.

For example, they have to pay rent to the Berkeley Public library, but they also have to buy a library card and keep it up-to-date.

Bess and Bess are both members of the club.

They have the same address