This is how to eat a steak with your hands!

This is how to eat a steak with your hands!

When it comes to preparing food, you’ve probably been taught to hold the knife with one hand and the fork with the other.

You’ve probably seen recipes with this basic structure in print or on TV.

But what if you were to start with something simple and then try to add some complexity?

I’ve been eating a lot of steaks lately.

And while I’ve found the meatier the better, I’ve also had the urge to add extra toppings like pepper, onions, garlic and fresh herbs.

Here’s how to make that delicious steak.


Steak with a fork, knife and a spoon This is one of my favorite dishes of steak, but I often forget about the fork and the spoon.

So I have to make sure to use a fork in this one.

To do this, take the steak and cut into bite-sized pieces.

(I use a large chef’s knife.)

Remove the skin and the outer fat layer from the inside of the meat.

The meat will be very tender and juicy.

Use a knife or a fork to slice the meat into thin slices.

Add the remaining ingredients and cook on medium-high heat for 20 to 25 minutes.


Steaks with two forks and a fork and a bottle of wine When I’m making this steak, I usually add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan.

This will make the sauce thick and rich.

If you can’t find a bottle or glass with olive oil, you can substitute with hot water.

I always add the sauce to the steak after it’s cooked through, so the flavors blend and the sauce is ready to serve.

The sauce will be thick and creamy, and will taste delicious as it simmers.

You can also use a spoon or fork to stir in the cheese, peppers and onions.

Serve the steak with some steamed broccoli or mashed potatoes.



Steals with a knife and fork This recipe was originally published on National Geographic magazine.

It is reprinted here with permission.

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