When The Naughty List Goes Digital, You Can See Where It Will End up

When The Naughty List Goes Digital, You Can See Where It Will End up

The Naughties are taking their brand of “cool” and, yes, “sketchy” to a whole new level.

The studio is planning to release a new collection of video game characters, characters created in partnership with the Naughty Dog, in the first week of April.

These characters are, according to The Verge, “more interactive than ever before” with “the potential to be as engaging as a real life interactive experience.”

The Nantes-based company says the new collection is “the first interactive game character that’s designed to be both fun and challenging,” as well as “fully compatible with existing video game genres.”

The project has received a significant amount of press, with the game itself receiving positive reviews and a lot of buzz.

“We know that video games are the most popular form of entertainment of all time, so the Naughtie’s new project will have a great chance to capture the imagination of gamers everywhere,” the publisher said in a statement.

“It’s also a chance to create a new kind of interactive content with characters and gameplay that can be played with the touch of a button.”

The video game collection will be available through The Niantic, a mobile-first service that was recently launched.

The app will also allow players to create and share their own “naughty lists” of fictional characters, with The Nighthawks being the first to launch.

“Naughty Lists are a new way to get behind-the-scenes behind a popular gaming franchise and share the game’s secrets with the community,” the company said in an FAQ on its site.

“Players can create, share, and remix their own ‘Naughty List’ with others in the game world, creating their own unique experiences for all to enjoy.”

The app is slated to launch later this month, but The Verge reports that it’s been downloaded over 100,000 times.

“The Nighthawk” is a series of three games set in New Orleans.

The first, The Natch, launched in 2017.

In 2019, The Beast, the sequel to The Naunt, was released, followed by the Nighthawks, which are set in the New Orleans of 2041.

The game’s most recent title, The Curse, was launched in 2021.

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