Why a loudoun library won’t be closing anytime soon – ABC News

A quiet little village in the UK is getting a new, bigger library as part of a £7m redevelopment of its main branch.

The Loudoun County Library (LCL) is to open at a new site in May next year.

It will have 10,000 square feet of space, making it the UK’s biggest library.

The current branch is due to close in June.

The LCL has become a symbol of the county’s success in the past few decades.

It is a major source of jobs, economic activity and tourism to the area.

The county council says its main library will become a “cultural hub” that will be open to the public.

The county library’s new site will feature a new “cultural centre” and a new public space, which will have a “fenced off, large area” around it.

The new location will be at the foot of the old site, near the main entrance of the library, where it was located.

The council says the new library will provide a “great service” to people and the local community, which it hopes will attract tourists, academics and other businesses.

The project will also include “an interactive learning space, including interactive computers and books” and “a new café, cafe, tea room, music room, dance studio, bar and more”.

Loudoun County Council (LCC) managing director Ian MacKinnon said the new location was “a great opportunity for us to make a difference”.

He said: “The LCC is a county that has been through a lot in the last 20 years, and has developed a reputation for being a successful local business community.”

“In a region that has an international reputation, we are very proud of the work we are doing.”

We are looking forward to this exciting new opportunity and want to be able to continue to make our community a strong place for business, innovation and education.

“The project is expected to take between six months and three years to complete.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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