Which library system is best for students in your state?

By Jennifer Strain Next Big Futures: The question that we ask as we build our libraries is: “What will be the future of our education system?”Libraries can offer students the chance to learn in the same environments and have the same opportunities for success that are available to their peers in traditional classrooms.And while it’s a hard task to imagine […]

Why are we so obsessed with the library?

When the word “library” came up in conversation in the wake of the deadly shooting of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, it brought to mind a phrase that might have been uttered by one of those people who, for some reason, can’t get enough of the American public’s obsession with its name: “librarians are bad.”That’s because, while the word is commonly […]

“The future of video games is VR”

The future of games is virtual reality, according to the chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment.The head of Sony’s video game division, Hiroshi Mikitani, spoke to Ars Technic’s Matt Miller about the future of VR in an interview.Mikitano, a long-time fan of virtual reality and a member of Sony Digital Entertainment’s leadership team, has been at the forefront of efforts […]

How to Get Away With Being a Librarian, Again

Librarians are often stereotyped as a bunch of drunks and drug addicts.But this stereotype is based on an old-fashioned, racist stereotype that’s been perpetuated for years.The stereotype of the librarian is not that he is a drunk and a drug addict, but rather that he has a dark skin and is not a good person.That’s why it’s important to tell […]

New research shows that the ‘alt-right’ has not yet become a mainstream ideology

New research indicates that the “alt-left” is not a mainstream political ideology, according to a new study published by a major academic journal.The article, which appeared in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology, was authored by an independent scholar, Christopher Harms, and is titled “The Alt-Left: A Theory and Practice.”Harms has studied the alt-right, which he describes as a […]

Why you should read books about Bengaluru Public Library, BDSM library

Berkeley Public Library and BDSM Library are both public libraries in India, but they’re both in different cities.Berkeley Public library is in Berkeley, California, while BDSM is in Bengaluru.While Berkeley Public libraries are popular, BDMs are popular.They both offer online reading and video lessons.Here’s a look at how they differ.Berkeley Public LibraryThe Berkeley Public Libraries website offers a list of […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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