NASA is using its aurora telescopes to discover life outside our solar system

NASA is using its aurora telescopes to discover life outside our solar system

By now, we’re probably familiar with NASA’s aurora astronomy program, and its auroras are one of the most recognizable images in the universe.

But in 2016, the agency unveiled a new set of images, which we now know are actually aurora pictures.

The new images are much smaller, and they show the aurora from a new perspective.

Here are the new images.

The first images show the northern aurora, which is visible during the first three months of November, in its best light.

The second image shows the southern aurora and its largest lobe, which covers about three-quarters of the Northern Hemisphere.

The new images show an even broader view of the auroras’ central region.

The northern auroras, in the southern hemisphere, are also visible.

This is one of a number of images the agency has released that show aurora with a new and improved perspective.

This one shows a new aurora as seen from the northern hemisphere.

It’s not as clear as the previous images, but it’s still a good look.

This image shows what an aurora would look like with a slightly higher-resolution camera in the middle.

The aurora is brighter in the center and much bluer in the edges.

This is the southern part of the northern and southern auroras.

This shows the auroral rings as they appear from space.

These rings are actually a collection of auroras formed from particles and dust.

The rings are seen in the Northern Lights.

This image shows a ring formed in the aurosphere, which was created by particles that drifted through space and are now visible to the naked eye.

This new image shows aurora that’s much brighter than the previous one, with a very distinct color difference.

The two auroras in this new image are also about a half-mile (1.5 kilometers) apart.

This would mean that the aurorae are far from being fully aligned, which would require them to be at least several miles (3 kilometers) away from each other.

The alignment of these auroras will require some more research, but the new auroras should be able to be seen in early October.

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