When did Milwaukee Public Library stop serving books?

When did Milwaukee Public Library stop serving books?

Milwaukee Public Libraries (MPL) was founded in 1919 as a branch of the city government.

It was incorporated in 1956.

Milwaukee Public libraries now serve more than 100,000 people in the metro Milwaukee area, and the majority of them are children.

The MPL also serves as the home to many local museums and historic sites.

The library also offers many recreational opportunities for the community, such as its “Prairie Dogs” and “Kiddie Bike” programs.

In 2017, MPL announced it would no longer be serving free books and other books in its branch.

Now, the library is offering free books for families who can’t afford to pay for them, but will have to pay a library fee.

MPL told the Associated Press it’s considering adding an option to customers who are paying for a library book that allows them to pay and then have it delivered to the library.

“We have no plans to offer this option, but we are looking into it,” MPL Director of Public Affairs Lisa Smith said.

In an interview with the AP, Smith said the library would keep the option in mind in the future.

“If a customer needs to pay, we will keep them as long as they need to be paid,” Smith said, adding that the library’s current policy would still allow people to pay with cash, credit cards or other methods.

MCL wants to add an option that will allow customers to pay when they need it, but that’s still in its testing phase.

Smith also said the MPL is working with the county library system and other partners to implement a plan that would allow people who are trying to access free books to pay.

“As the MPS works to make the library the best it can be, we have the flexibility to make that happen,” Smith told the AP.

“There is a lot of momentum right now for the MPA to get rid of the fee and provide the same services that we already have.”

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