Chechapeake Public Library & Wine Library to share wine and beer on site

Chechapeake Public Library & Wine Library to share wine and beer on site

The Chesapeake Public Libraries, a nonprofit public-service corporation that serves the state of Virginia, announced Tuesday that it will be partnering with a local wine and brewpub on a public wine and food truck.

The Chesapeake public libraries is planning to partner with Chechauk Wine & Beer, a Richmond-based wine-and-beer pub, to share its food trucks and wines with residents and visitors to the Chesapeake and its surrounding area, according to a press release.

The restaurants will be located at the Chesan-Hogan Park, the Chesnan-Tysons Corner, and the Chechauntee Creek Park.

The restaurants will also be offering beer and wine on-site.

Chesapeake Public’s food truck program will be run by Chechas Public Works.

“Chechauns public works is committed to providing clean, healthy, and delicious meals to all Georgians and our visitors and residents,” the press release said.

“This partnership with the Chesian Public Libraries will allow us to provide food for all Georgian residents and guests.”

The Chesan and Tysons Parks and Recreation departments are also working with the restaurants to ensure the food is prepared and served in a sanitary and environmentally responsible manner.

The Chesan Parks and Rec and the Tyson Parks and Recreations are also coordinating with the Chechen-Tynson Park Parks and Wildlife Service to assist with the cleanup efforts.

The locations for the restaurants are still being finalized.

The menus will be announced as the dates are finalized.