How can I help a local library?

How can I help a local library?

The WA Government is offering local libraries an opportunity to get a little help in the form of an online fundraiser.

It will help them to cover the cost of books they are currently unable to access.

The book sale, which runs until November 19, is being organised by local library board, the WA Library Association and the WA Government.

They are calling it the Library Sale Fund.

The aim of the event is to help local libraries to keep books available for those who can’t get to them locally.

But it has raised a lot of controversy, with some people questioning whether it is a good idea to donate money to a public library.

Warrick Park Library Association director of education and service Mark Wessels said the idea of a library sale was not only in line with WA’s library community’s ethos, but also because it is the only way WA can help local communities.

“We are a library association in the town of Warrick, in Western Australia,” Mr Wessel said.

“We have about 300 members, mostly in the local community, and they come from all over the country and have been supporting libraries for a number of years.”

“A lot of people ask why we’re going out and getting people’s books.

And it’s a good question, and we’re quite proud of that.”

The Library Sale Event is a partnership between the WA Libraries Association, the West Australian Library Association, and the Waikato Regional Library.

Mr Wethers said it was a great idea, but that it would also have to be funded by the local library.

“It is a way for us to get our books in front of a wider audience, and also to support people that don’t have access to libraries in WA,” he said.

“This is a really good opportunity for us.

We’re doing it for a good cause and for the community.”

I think it’s fantastic that people are interested in donating books, it’s just something that we really want to do, and it’s something we want to try to do well, to do it right and really make sure that the community is getting the best service.

“If you would like to support the WA library, you can make a donation through the WA Librarian Association’s website.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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