Lawrence Public Library receives $2.6M to help fund new library building

Lawrence Public Library receives $2.6M to help fund new library building

Posted September 08, 2018 12:07:52Lawrence Public Libraries is receiving a $2 million grant to upgrade the library’s collection and improve the overall customer experience.

The grant will be used to fund the construction of a new collection building, new digital signage and other technology enhancements, as well as other library initiatives.

Lawrence Library President and CEO Jeff Cooper said the new library has been underutilized and understaffed since the early 1990s.

Cooper said the library has the resources to provide a library that is both a modern and a sustainable resource.

“It’s going to be a library for the future,” he said.

“We’ve got all these great libraries out there and I think we’re ready to become a resource for the next generation of people.

We need to continue to grow the library, we need to make it more efficient, more efficient.

We need to expand the collection, and we need a new digital signature and digital signage system so that we have a library in every community across the country.”

The Lawrence Public Library will host a press conference at 7:30 a.m. today to share the news of the grant.

The news release said the $2M grant will go toward the construction and operation of the new collection and digital signature system, as part of the Library’s “Library Renaissance.”

The $2m grant will help fund the building of a brand new collection center and digital sign and signage system, the release said.

The Library will also receive $2,500 in state matching funds.

Coopers hopes the new digital signs and signage will help the library become a more convenient and accessible destination for people seeking information.

Cooperman said the building is going to improve the service and provide the library with a better experience.

He said the sign and signature system will be the best digital library in the world.

“We want people to come and visit, we want people who are looking for a particular topic to come to our library and have that information available,” he added.

The library also received $2k in state funding for its library computer system.

Copper said the changes will also help the Lawrence Public Libraries digital signage program.

The program will offer patrons an instant access to the digital sign database of the Lawrence Library.

The digital signage will be accessible via a variety of digital devices, including iPads, iPods, smartphones, and laptops.

Copperman said it will help to increase the library user experience.

“The digital sign system is going away,” he continued.

“We have an amazing digital sign technology.

It’s going away.

It was designed to be the most efficient system of digital sign that we can.

But we’re trying to make this technology more efficient and more effective, and that’s what we’re working on.”