How you can help make the world’s most endangered mammal safer in the wild

How you can help make the world’s most endangered mammal safer in the wild


(AP) It’s a job that puts a human face on the plight of one of the world-s largest marsupials: the brown bear.

Brown bears are a endangered species in North America, and many of the animals are being moved out of the forests of central Illinois to be slaughtered for food.

But that’s not the only problem.

The bears in southern Illinois are suffering because of a lack of proper management.

“We’re losing the brown bears because we’re not treating them as we should,” said Michael Schmitt, the executive director of the Illinois State Bear Association, an organization that advocates for bears.

The brown bear’s habitat is shrinking, and as a result, it’s being killed for food, often at the hands of hunters.

Schmitt says the bears have been moved into the far western suburbs, where hunters can shoot them and eat their meat.

Schmitt and other scientists and conservationists are working to make brown bears more resilient.

They’re developing a protocol to better monitor and control the browns in their environment, so that they’re not just being slaughtered for their meat, but also for their bones.

Brown bear teeth have become an issue in recent years, Schmitt said.

In 2016, for example, a bear killed by a hunter in Indiana was found with seven teeth missing.

And in March, a brown bear in South Dakota was found missing its left paw.

The problem with brown bears, Schumann said, is that they’ve lost their ability to navigate and hunt.

“The only way they’re going to be able to do that is if we protect them as much as we can,” he said.

In the south, brown bears are often separated from their families and communities, Schmit said.

Schumann estimates that up to a million brown bears live in the United States, and their numbers are shrinking because of the hunting.

The number of brown bears in the country is estimated to be less than 20,000.

The state of Illinois, which is home to nearly 50,000 brown bears and is home for about 30 percent of the brown population, has been working to restore its brown bears for more than a decade.

It has spent millions of dollars trying to rehabilitate the brown and grizzly bears, but the process has not been easy.

It’s hard to get them to come back to the forests, because the bears can’t travel much, and because they’re afraid of humans.

“They’re scared of us,” Schmitt explained.

“And when you’re in a situation like that, you have to work with the bear as much or more than you can.”

Brown bears have also been known to fight each other.

Schmit believes that the recent bear deaths in the state were linked to the conflict.

Schmidt said he was working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) on a plan to move the brown Bear Population Management Committee, an advisory group for the brown-bear population, to the state, so they can work with state agencies to create a more sustainable brown bear management plan.

“If we can get the brown ones back, it will help us,” he added.

Schumann said the IDNR is doing well on the plan, but it’s still far from enough.

It will take at least a decade to restore the brown grizzly population to its pre-extinction levels, he said, and even then, the bears will not be back in the forests until the next time brown bears breed.

The IDNR, which has a population of about 300,000 bears, has made some progress, said Dan Schmitt.

In the last two years, the agency has moved the brown Bears Management Committee into a new building, he added, and they have worked to create an effective plan for their recovery.

But it’s a daunting task.

Brown bears are one of two mammals on the endangered species list in the U.S.

The other is the grizzly, which ranges in size from about the size of a car to a six-ton car.

It was declared extinct in the late 19th century and has yet to be declared a threatened species in the 21st century.

Schmit said the brown, grizzly and brown bear populations are in decline because of both habitat loss and hunting.

Schimmerspan has been studying grizzly populations since the late 1990s, and has noticed that the bears are losing their population more rapidly than other mammals, like the elk, deer and mule deer.

“Grizzlies are really a slow-moving species,” Schimmerspan said.

“It’s one of those things that’s very hard to predict.”

Schmitt said the best way to restore a grizzly is to create habitat for it.

He has been researching a solution, but he has not had the funds to implement it.

The Brown Bears Population Management committee is working to build habitat in the area of the bear that is being targeted for destruction

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