New York library will offer free Wi-Fi in ‘tourist friendly’ buildings

New York library will offer free Wi-Fi in ‘tourist friendly’ buildings

The New York City Public Library has unveiled plans to provide free Wi.-Fi in its visitor-friendly buildings in the future.

In an update to the library’s website on Wednesday, the library announced it will be introducing free Wi.

Fi to all of its visitor rooms, including “tourists friendly” buildings, as part of its “Wi-Fi Everywhere” initiative.

The initiative will allow patrons in the buildings to take advantage of free Wi Internet access in any of the buildings they visit.

“The Wi-fi network is the future of our libraries, and we want to give it to our guests, too,” said Daniel C. Trombetta, vice president of Public Information and Public Engagement at the library.

“We’ve been working for years to make Wi-foto accessible in our buildings and have been able to make that happen.

We’re excited to give our guests the opportunity to experience Wi-FI while enjoying the library.”

The announcement follows other library initiatives to expand free Wi connectivity in libraries, including the renovation of the Library of Congress to offer free WiFi to all visitors as well as an expansion of Wi-Foto access to all public library systems.