NJ lawmakers propose $5M for Loudoun County library

NJ lawmakers propose $5M for Loudoun County library

Loudoun, Va.

– The Loudoun Council on Tuesday night approved a $5 million package to expand the library system in Loudoun.

Council Chairman Michael Sosnick said the package includes $1 million for the Loudoun library system and $2.6 million for its regional branch, which includes more than 300 employees.

Sosnick praised the state Legislature for approving the $2 billion library plan and said it was a good start.

He said the library would need more than $1.2 billion to fully fulfill its mission of supporting a diverse population and bringing education to communities across the state.

Sosanick said that was an appropriate budget for the region and for Loudon County.

The library will now focus on expanding its library system, which is projected to be able to serve about 8,000 people, he said.

The library will also expand its satellite libraries and create more regional branch branches to meet future demand.

Solutions to Loudoun’s library problems were outlined in the budget proposal that was unveiled at a hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

The council unanimously approved the proposal to create the Loudon Regional Library System, which will provide access to libraries and public facilities in the county.

It will include the Loudun Library Branch, the Loudonton Regional Branch and the Louden County Library System.

Loudon County will also receive $1,500 a month for a single day for library employees.

It’s unclear how much the county is paying the Loudons to help them with this.

The plan calls for expanding Loudoun City Libraries to serve more than 8,500 people, adding about 500 additional books and 1,000 additional staff.

It also will provide free digital access for residents of Loudoun and surrounding areas to their local libraries.

The Loudoun Regional Branch will expand from 5,000 to 8,400 books, including some new books that are being digitized.

It’ll be a joint venture with the Loudount County Library system.

The Larchmont Regional Branch, which covers more than 2,600 square miles, will include books and services for people with special needs.

It includes new digital resources, including a new digital resource for those who use wheelchair access, a library database, and digital learning resources.

The Council also approved the Louduns plan to establish a regional library branch at Larchtown in northern Loudoun that will expand library services to the surrounding areas and the region.

The county is the largest library system for people in Loudun County.

The proposal also includes an additional $1 billion for a new regional library to be built in the next five years in the Loudondale area, with more than 1,200 books and more than 500 staff.

The funding will be dedicated to a new library branch in the area.

The budget also includes $4 million for a regional branch branch in Larchland, with a focus on helping to expand access to services in Loudondales county.