When Apple’s new ‘coupon’ feature for developers works, it can be frustratingly difficult to use

When Apple’s new ‘coupon’ feature for developers works, it can be frustratingly difficult to use

By Sam DagherTechRadar’s Sam Dagg has been on a mission to explain how Apple’s latest ‘couple of tweaks’ for its Mac software have opened up new avenues for developers.

Dagg, the TechRadal columnist, recently wrote an article for The New York Times that laid out the case for the latest ‘reboot’ of Mac OS X. The article laid out what it thought was the best reason for the new Mac software to change, and also outlined some of the difficulties that developers face when attempting to use the new features.

Dagg also touched on the fact that developers who previously could not use the ‘rebuild’ feature in Mac OS were now able to, and there are several other features that make the ‘courier’ feature even more of a headache for developers than they would be in iOS.

The article also touched upon the fact of how the new feature can cause developers to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use it, as well as the fact the feature will be available for developers to download over the coming weeks.

For the developers who were already having issues, the article detailed how to quickly and easily make use of the feature by simply adding the following lines to your Mac’s System Preferences:”Add a new entry in System Preferences to enable the Coupon Feature.”

You can find this in the Apple Developer Portal under General Preferences.

The Apple developer portal has been updated to provide the ‘Coupon Feature’ to developers as an option.

There are some caveats to this, however, as the article states that the feature is only available on Macs with the latest beta of OS X, and it will not be available in any future version of the operating system.

The new feature, however does come with some drawbacks, and one of those is that you will not have the ability to delete the ‘dynamic content’ associated with a download.

However, as Dagg points out in the article, developers can use the Coupons feature to quickly delete any type of content, which should make it a useful feature for those who want to delete all or a portion of their downloads.

With a lot more developers on board to take advantage of this feature, the new ‘restart’ feature may have the potential to be a huge success for developers in the future.

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