How loud is your music?

A public library in Loudoun County, Virginia, is using audio and video technology to make a statement about the use of loud music in the community.

The Loudoun Library Board of Directors voted Tuesday to adopt a new policy that requires patrons to turn off loud music devices.

The library will begin allowing patrons to choose to use headphones in their rooms in a phased manner starting in June.

The new policy is meant to make sure patrons do not become disoriented or fall asleep while listening to loud music, the Loudoun News reported.

The Librarian of the Lonesome Way, which provides educational resources for deaf people in Loudun County, says the policy is a response to complaints from deaf and hard of hearing patrons who want to stay at home and enjoy their favorite music.

“It’s about being able to have fun, it’s about enjoying music with your friends,” said Kathy Geddes, a senior librarian and the president of the Loudun Library Board.

Geddes said the Louden County Public Library Board has been working to implement a loud music policy since 2013, when the county had the second-highest number of deaf patrons in the U.S. Loudoun has the third-highest deaf population in the nation.

The Librarian said the policy has been successful at reducing noise and noise pollution.

Gett said the library is not planning to ban music entirely.

The library will work to have a plan in place for the future, he said.

The board also announced it will be increasing its staff and staffing levels to provide more information and support for patrons who are deaf.

It is also launching a community engagement program.

“We’ve got some great people who have been on the front lines to get people to understand the importance of loudness,” Gedds said.

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