Jefferson County Library to offer free e-books in 2019

The Jefferson County library in Jackson, Mississippi, is set to offer a free online version of its e-book collection this fall.The Jefferson County Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to make the program available to libraries across the state.The library, which has been serving low-income residents for more than two decades, is offering the digital version of the library’s collection, […]

Which libraries in Kansas City have the most books?

The number of books in libraries across Kansas City increased 1.7 percent in 2016, according to new data from the King County Library.The average number of titles per library is 7,744.The city of Kansas City has 2,500 libraries, with an average of about 7,000 titles per location.The county library’s average number is 775,000.The Kansas City Public Library has an average […]

How to use Google News API to track local public libraries

Google News has announced a new API that allows users to track their local libraries’ public library status.The new feature was announced by Google’s Product Marketing Manager Matt McQuinn, who said that he expects it will help libraries with the increased number of patrons who visit their websites on a daily basis.“I’m hoping it will increase our ability to make […]