How to use Google News API to track local public libraries

Google News has announced a new API that allows users to track their local libraries’ public library status.

The new feature was announced by Google’s Product Marketing Manager Matt McQuinn, who said that he expects it will help libraries with the increased number of patrons who visit their websites on a daily basis.

“I’m hoping it will increase our ability to make a real impact in our communities by providing real time insights and visibility into the public library experience,” McQuinning said.

McQuinn said the new feature will also give users the ability to see the location of their local library’s public library, and the number of visits per month to their library.

Google has already begun rolling out the new API to libraries across the US, including Boston Public Library, Atlanta Public Library and Washington DC’s Public Library System.

In addition to libraries, Google announced it would be adding more local libraries to its service later this year.

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