How to get your free online courses and books in Houston public libraries

HOUSTON — The Houston Public Library is getting some help with online courses, including an online class on the Civil War that could cost $150.The library also is offering free book readings for students.The program launched Tuesday and will be extended through Oct. 18.The classes are designed to help students understand the Civil Rights Movement, according to the Houston Public […]

Which libraries should you go to?

An article published on the Al Jazeera website has asked readers to nominate which library should be the next library in your city.The question was prompted by the arrival of a new technology that enables people to save their bookmarks for later.The idea behind the app, Bookmarks, was to provide a way for people to keep track of books and […]

What you need to know about the Librarian salary and perks

Librarians are an extremely important part of Australia’s public library system and pay top salaries.However, as they are the primary users of public libraries, their salaries can vary.Salary data is only available for positions in the state of Victoria and NSW.Librarian salaries in Victoria The Victorian Librarian Salary is based on an annual salary of $104,500.The salary for a position […]

Twitter Ad Library Is Here To Stay After Trump’s Victory

On November 5th, 2016, Twitter introduced AdWords for mobile devices and other platforms, which have proven to be incredibly popular for advertisers.In the coming months, the platform will expand its ad targeting capabilities, making it easier for advertisers to reach the most active users.Twitter will also begin to roll out additional mobile ad solutions and content for advertisers in the […]

What to watch for in this week’s Google+ Hangouts

Here are the topics that will be discussed on the Hangouts channel during the coming week: 1.The upcoming Google+ Music launch.The announcement that Google will be rolling out new music streaming services to subscribers of its popular Music app is a huge win for the streaming service, which has been struggling for weeks to keep up with Apple’s music streaming […]

Which library is the most expensive?

Updated January 13, 2018 12:23:59 A survey of library users by the National Library and Archives Service (NLA) suggests that the state of New South Wales has the highest library spending in the country.The NLA survey of more than 10,000 library users found that the average Australian spends $14.10 for a library book.That is up from $12.69 in 2015, when […]

How the US libraries can use artificial intelligence to tackle their digital challenges

A library near me is home to a vast collection of books, and one of them has an online book-signing service that allows people to sign books on their smartphones, without ever leaving their computers.The service is called BorrowedBooks.The library’s director of digital services, James DeBary, says it is a good start.“We want to make sure that the books we […]

Which school is best for you?

New York Public Library has become the first US city to make a formal decision on which library will host the annual Global New York Summer Reading Festival.The city’s Board of Directors decided Monday to select The City’s largest library system, the Union, over the University of Southern California’s Arroyo Seco, which will host a reading series for about 100 […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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