‘I was a child, now I’m an adult’

“I had this idea that I was going to do this for a long time,” she said.“I really wanted to do it because I really felt like it was a gift.But I was really not ready.”It was an adventure.“It was a lot of hard work.“And I got to live in a community, I got some things I could use and […]

When did Milwaukee Public Library stop serving books?

Milwaukee Public Libraries (MPL) was founded in 1919 as a branch of the city government.It was incorporated in 1956.Milwaukee Public libraries now serve more than 100,000 people in the metro Milwaukee area, and the majority of them are children.The MPL also serves as the home to many local museums and historic sites.The library also offers many recreational opportunities for the […]

Drexel University’s online library to expand to more states

The University of Drexels online library is expanding to other states.Drexel’s online bookstore has been providing students and faculty in the University of Maryland with access to all kinds of resources.Now the Drexell campus will expand to offer the same level of access to students, faculty, and staff from across the country.The library will offer a wide range of online […]

How to install a public library in Dublin

LUPINSBURG, Pa.– In the United States, public libraries have always been in a difficult spot, with little money to offset rising property taxes and the threat of being outgunned by competitors.But in Ireland, the situation has changed, with the Irish government looking to cut costs in order to retain its position as a global leader in libraries.In recent years, the […]

How to access the digital library in Pierce County

PORTLAND, Ore.— It is a quiet Saturday morning at Pierce County Library in western Oregon, a city of nearly 30,000 residents that also happens to be home to the nation’s largest and most populous state library system.There are about 50 people in the building, which serves as a central hub for all county government offices and public libraries in the […]

This is how to eat a steak with your hands!

When it comes to preparing food, you’ve probably been taught to hold the knife with one hand and the fork with the other.You’ve probably seen recipes with this basic structure in print or on TV.But what if you were to start with something simple and then try to add some complexity?I’ve been eating a lot of steaks lately.And while I’ve […]

How does a library make a difference in its community?

Posted October 10, 2018 08:20:20 If you want to help someone who’s not feeling well, then you might want to consider getting involved in their community.That’s the conclusion of a new report that shows that for every dollar a library spends on staff, the local community gains one.The report, published by the University of Sydney, looked at what the impact […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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