Why Madison Public Library is hiring for new staff

Madison Public Libraries has hired about a dozen new staffers, part of a $9 million investment to upgrade its online and mobile services.The move comes after a review by the Wisconsin Library Association that found the library had not kept up with technology changes.“We have a very good online and digital-based customer base,” said Linda Zink, the association’s vice president […]

What you need to know about the Librarian salary and perks

Librarians are an extremely important part of Australia’s public library system and pay top salaries.However, as they are the primary users of public libraries, their salaries can vary.Salary data is only available for positions in the state of Victoria and NSW.Librarian salaries in Victoria The Victorian Librarian Salary is based on an annual salary of $104,500.The salary for a position […]

‘A Beautiful Mind’ author Michael Crichton has ‘never written anything of the sort’

Michael Crachton has said that he has never written a book about himself.Crichton was speaking at a charity dinner for the Children’s Hospital of Queensland at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.“I have never written anything about myself,” he said.“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever written a letter about myself, you know, you might say, ‘Well, maybe you’re just a writer,’ […]

How loud is your music?

A public library in Loudoun County, Virginia, is using audio and video technology to make a statement about the use of loud music in the community.The Loudoun Library Board of Directors voted Tuesday to adopt a new policy that requires patrons to turn off loud music devices.The library will begin allowing patrons to choose to use headphones in their rooms […]

Twitter Ad Library Is Here To Stay After Trump’s Victory

On November 5th, 2016, Twitter introduced AdWords for mobile devices and other platforms, which have proven to be incredibly popular for advertisers.In the coming months, the platform will expand its ad targeting capabilities, making it easier for advertisers to reach the most active users.Twitter will also begin to roll out additional mobile ad solutions and content for advertisers in the […]

‘This book could make me homeless’: Dallas public library’s ‘This Book Could Make Me Homeless’ guide

Dallas public libraries across the country are hosting a new, online resource that allows patrons to access resources to help with the city’s homelessness crisis.In an announcement on Friday, the Dallas Public Library Board said the guide is “designed to give people the tools they need to plan for their futures, including housing and health care.”It is a collaborative effort […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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