Which libraries should you go to?

An article published on the Al Jazeera website has asked readers to nominate which library should be the next library in your city.The question was prompted by the arrival of a new technology that enables people to save their bookmarks for later.The idea behind the app, Bookmarks, was to provide a way for people to keep track of books and […]

An Open Letter to the University of Utah Libraries, Its Libraries, and Its Community

AUBURN, Ala.— In the aftermath of the tragic death of the nation’s first Black president, many libraries have taken on new and unique roles in the fight against racism.On March 25, 2018, University of Alabama Libraries (UAL) and Auburn University Libraries (AUB) joined forces to create a new chapter of UAL’s library network and support and educate the Black community.This […]

Why Auburn is looking to get more books into the hands of the public

Auburn is planning to have a major expansion of its library program, but the plan isn’t without controversy.The school’s library system currently offers more than 700,000 books to students.It is a part of the school’s “Digital Library” program, which gives students access to digital books.As part of that program, Auburn offers digital books at its campuses.Students can order digital books […]

Clemson library, Clemson University’s library system, to provide free wi-fi, free access to public wi-fis

Clemson, SC (CNN) — Clemson University will open up its library system to the public starting Thursday, with free wi‑fi for all library patrons.The library system is set to be officially opened by the Clemson University Libraries’ Board of Directors Thursday morning.The new library will be part of a new library system designed to be more open and accessible to […]

Why the ‘Best Of Auburn’

The “Best of Auburn” series is back with another installment this week, as we take a look at what Auburn’s “A” football team has been up to this year.It’s been a busy time for Auburn, and we have plenty to talk about in this week’s installment.We’ve also got a look back at the Tigers’ historic win over LSU on Sept. […]