Clemson library, Clemson University’s library system, to provide free wi-fi, free access to public wi-fis

Clemson, SC (CNN) — Clemson University will open up its library system to the public starting Thursday, with free wi‑fi for all library patrons.The library system is set to be officially opened by the Clemson University Libraries’ Board of Directors Thursday morning.The new library will be part of a new library system designed to be more open and accessible to […]

The world’s most important public library is a big enough joke that it can still be taken seriously

BERKELEY, Calif.— There’s a whole lot of stuff that you’d never think to ask the people in charge of the Oakland Public Library.It’s called The Book of the Month Club.“We’re not the best library in the world, but we’re the best public library,” said Michael Bess, president of the nonprofit organization, which was founded in 2013.“I think it’s because we’re […]