‘It was my first year at Pima County Library’: Former teacher remembers his first year in Durham

Durham, North Carolina, February 8, 2021.(Photo: Jim Cowsert/AP)The library has become one of the most iconic public institutions in the United States and the state is celebrating its 40th anniversary.But in the days leading up to the celebration, the Pima county Public Library received a call about a potential threat.Staff members, concerned about a possible attack, called 911.When the emergency […]

How can I help a local library?

The WA Government is offering local libraries an opportunity to get a little help in the form of an online fundraiser.It will help them to cover the cost of books they are currently unable to access.The book sale, which runs until November 19, is being organised by local library board, the WA Library Association and the WA Government.They are calling […]