‘The Great Barrier Reef is a treasure’: Scientists warn of threat to marine life

Experts warn the Great Barrier Barrier Reef could face an unprecedented bleaching event if the worst is not dealt with, with some scientists warning the iconic ecosystem is at risk of being decimated by the heat and acidity of rising ocean temperatures.In a report published on Wednesday, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said there was a high […]

New York library will offer free Wi-Fi in ‘tourist friendly’ buildings

The New York City Public Library has unveiled plans to provide free Wi.-Fi in its visitor-friendly buildings in the future.In an update to the library’s website on Wednesday, the library announced it will be introducing free Wi.Fi to all of its visitor rooms, including “tourists friendly” buildings, as part of its “Wi-Fi Everywhere” initiative.The initiative will allow patrons in the […]

Why Auburn is looking to get more books into the hands of the public

Auburn is planning to have a major expansion of its library program, but the plan isn’t without controversy.The school’s library system currently offers more than 700,000 books to students.It is a part of the school’s “Digital Library” program, which gives students access to digital books.As part of that program, Auburn offers digital books at its campuses.Students can order digital books […]

Greenwich Library to rename library in honor of Sandy victims

NEW YORK (AP) Greenwich, Connecticut, is planning to rename a library that honors the victims of the 2010 Boston Marathon bombings to honor the victims’ families.The library, the Greenwich-based Greenwich Public Library, will honor the Sandy victims on Monday with a memorial wall, said spokeswoman Nicole Meeks.The library is scheduled to open Monday with an introductory lecture about the victims.The […]