‘The Great Barrier Reef is a treasure’: Scientists warn of threat to marine life

Experts warn the Great Barrier Barrier Reef could face an unprecedented bleaching event if the worst is not dealt with, with some scientists warning the iconic ecosystem is at risk of being decimated by the heat and acidity of rising ocean temperatures.In a report published on Wednesday, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said there was a high […]

Which movies are you most likely to see?

The number one answer to that question is probably the classic, The Godfather.Its a crime story that is both a classic and a timeless classic, and its easy to see why.It is also one of the greatest films of all time.It’s been in theaters for over 70 years, and it is still a beloved movie.But its popularity has also inspired […]

How to build a ‘Google of books’

A ‘Google for books’ app is finally coming to Android, with the first app release of the service, and it promises to be even better than the one in Google Books.The new Google Books for Android app is available now on the Google Play store and will come to Android devices in Australia this month.Its main focus is to let […]

How to be an effective football coach in the UK

The Sport Book – The definitive guide to the world of sports and the game of football in the 21st century article The Sports Bible – The Ultimate Guide to the World of Sports and the Game of Football in the Future – By The Sports Book Team.Published by The Sports Books Group.A book of over 1,000 essays, essays, reviews […]