How to download a new book online without an app

A library or online bookshop has been the latest to take to social media to encourage people to download books online.Online bookshop has been encouraging users to download free ebooks from its app to their mobile devices.“It’s great for getting a book you love into your hands and letting others discover it,” said the has been offering ebooks […]

Which Hawaii state library will get the largest online learning?

The University of Hawaii is expected to take over the Honolulu Library’s Digital Learning Center, which had been home to online learning.Hawaii state Superintendent of Libraries Chris O’Brien said the center will be the largest open online learning facility in the state.The new center will have classrooms, labs, classrooms and classrooms in the same locations as the current online learning […]

How to use your favorite programming language in the office

How to Use your Favorite Programming Language in the Office — Vice News article By now, you’ve heard about the newest iteration of Google’s self-driving car, the $1.6 trillion robot.But while Google has released a lot of information about the car so far, we’ve yet to see how it actually works.And for now, we’re stuck with a blank slate.That’s because […]

JW Online Library to expand its offerings and make its online catalog available in languages other than English

A new JWOnline library that includes a variety of languages will expand its catalog in 2018.The library, launched last year, is the brainchild of JW’s parent company, JW Interactive, and JW Digital Media, a company that is part of J W Interactive’s parent, J W Media.The JW online library has already been expanded in several languages, including Mandarin and Spanish, […]