How to find a library in NYC, New York City

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When ‘I’m Not Your Negro’ Books Were the Thing That Taught You What You Should Never Be

By now you probably remember that the term “white privilege” has become the buzzword of the day.And it is absolutely true that many white Americans are afforded advantages that other groups of people don’t.But a number of these advantages are actually quite good for everyone.¬†For example, while you may not always have the same opportunities as people of color, you […]

How to Get Away With Being a Librarian, Again

Librarians are often stereotyped as a bunch of drunks and drug addicts.But this stereotype is based on an old-fashioned, racist stereotype that’s been perpetuated for years.The stereotype of the librarian is not that he is a drunk and a drug addict, but rather that he has a dark skin and is not a good person.That’s why it’s important to tell […]