How to download a new book online without an app

A library or online bookshop has been the latest to take to social media to encourage people to download books online.Online bookshop has been encouraging users to download free ebooks from its app to their mobile devices.“It’s great for getting a book you love into your hands and letting others discover it,” said the has been offering ebooks […]

An Open Letter to the University of Utah Libraries, Its Libraries, and Its Community

AUBURN, Ala.— In the aftermath of the tragic death of the nation’s first Black president, many libraries have taken on new and unique roles in the fight against racism.On March 25, 2018, University of Alabama Libraries (UAL) and Auburn University Libraries (AUB) joined forces to create a new chapter of UAL’s library network and support and educate the Black community.This […]

The Library of Congress’ largest library to open with the first public reading on the grounds of the Lawrence Public Library

The Library’s first public viewing of the grounds was held at the Lawrence Library on Friday, May 2.The reading, which was sponsored by the Lawrence Foundation and the Lawrence State University, brought together people who have participated in the Lawrence community for years.The first reading was also a celebration of the library’s new location on the National Mall.The library was […]

The midnight library is an awesome little place to get up early and enjoy an awesome book

By Emma MowbrayPublished November 17, 2018 10:17:06We all know the midnight reading is a bit of a craze at our local libraries, but what if it wasn’t?That’s exactly what this local public library has done, opening a new branch in the city centre.The Midnight Library is an inclusive and inclusive community library, a community where books are freely available to […]